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Since the purchase of its recycling business in 2004, ENKO® has spent substantial efforts to develop this important area, becoming one of the leading recyclers of PP and HDPE in Bulgaria. Our ongoing process improvement has enabled us to achieve an annual capacity of 2500 tons, part of which we use for our own injection molding business, and part of which we sell to the Bulgarian and European markets.
ENKO® is a fully accredited recycling business, certified with the Ministry of the Environment and Waters of Bulgaria (No: 09-DC-338-02). We are compliant with EU regulations, concerning handling and recycling of non-toxic waste plastics.
ENKO® recycles two kinds of plastics in high volumes: Polypropylene (PP) & High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We buy both post-consumer and post-industrial (non-toxic) plastics. Please see below some examples of plastic scrap we are interested in purchasing:
Пластмасови каси, Рециклиране на пластмасаПластмасови каси Plastic Crates, Plastic Trays, Plastic Boxes, Totes  
Post production waste (cut-offs, off-spec products, etc.)  
  Bins, Tubs, Buckets, Liquid & Powder Containers
Bottles (Ketchup, shampoo, liquid detergent, cleaning supplies, medicine) & bottle caps
Car parts (bumpers, door panels, dashboard panels, cup holders, etc.)
PP Bags (big bags, sugar bags, etc.)  
Stamp-free PP film and foils  
Selling Your Waste Plastics to ENKO
What you Need to Know - PDF File (Download)
ENKO® Recycling offers injection grade PP and HDPE regranulate, free of toxins and heavy metals. In our facilities, the scrap material we receive is first sorted by color, then crushed, cleaned and dried. The cleaned material is then passed through an extrusion and pelletization process. The pellets are packaged into 500 kg big bags and loaded onto pallets, ready to ship to our customers on the Bulgarian and European markets.
The current availability of colors and MFIs varies, depending on the waste plastics we process. For material samples and most up-to-date qualities available, please contact us.